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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do I have to seal my new floor ?


A: All new flooring needs sealer protection in order to avoid any liquid stains, grease, or damage from normal foot traffic. The first step is making sure your floor’s surface is cleaned properly and dry and ready before sealer application. Remember, only porous floors can be sealed, but flooring expert can best determine what is the right sealer for your floor needs. All of our consults and estimates are provided at no charge.



Q:  Why do my existing floors need to be resealed?


A: In order to maintain floors in nice, clean and shiny condition  they need to be washed and resealed at least every 12 to 18 months, depending on foot traffic, scratches from furniture and many other abrasive conditions.  if your floors were color stained previously, they need to be fixed and repaired before the resealing applications coats. This often will require the services of a floor specialist, so it is prudent to first consult with a flooring specialist


Q: What can I do with cracked tiles or cracks on my cement floor?  


A: When cracks appear on concrete floors or you experience breaks in your tiles (like saltillo, slate, travertine, flagstone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and many others), here's how we can repair these damages. 

First, we remove the damaged tiles and we treat the observed cracks (note:  there is a treatment for cracks, but there is no permanent cure for cracks or any process that will prevent these from re-appearing or occurring in another location).

Secondly, we replace any removed materials with tiles matching  those remaining on the floor, always making sure the new grout blends with the old grout.  Finally,  we wait a few days to determine if the tiles need to be sealed again.

With regard to cement floor  with cracks on cement floors we mix cement patch to fix this imperfection on your floors, later we sand down the patched area and then we color stain if needed, so as to match the existing color. Then we seal the crack or the floor as needed. 



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