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Saltillo, sometimes referred to as Mexican pavers or Mexican tile, is a type of terra-cotta tile. Originally manufactured only in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, it is now also manufactured in Italy. 

Saltillo Floor Specialist

Quick facts about Saltillo:

  • Saltillo varies in color(hues of red, orange, yellows) and shape
  • Saltillo is very porous and absorbs liquid easily
  • Saltillo tile does not have a glazed surface
  • Saltillo must be properly sealed and maintained with quality sealant


Travertine is a form of limestone, not marble.  It is used as a building material for flooring, counters, showers, and even fireplace surrounds.

Travertine limestone flooring fireplace surrounding

Quick facts about Travertine:

  • Travertine in its purest form is white in color, but can also have shades of brown and yellow
  • Travertine is a relatively “soft”  stone
  • Travertine will often have holes and troughs
  • Travertine can be tumbled, chiseled & brushed, or honed & filled
  • Travertine is sensitive to acidic substances like juice, wine and coffee
  • Travertine, that is not polished, should be sealed to prevent staining


Flagstone is a sedimentary rock, almost always a sandstone.  It is typically used for flooring and walls; it can be found both indoors and outdoors for walkways and patios.

Flagstone for flooring and walls

Quick facts about Flagstone:

  • Flagstone comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, red, or buff
  • Arizona Flagstone is quarried in Ash Fork, Arizona and is considered the Flagstone Capital of the World
  • Flagstone is porous like any natural stone.
  • Flagstone that is used indoors should be sealed, while outdoor flagstone is rarely sealed.


Ceramic Tile is clay that is formed, glazed and baked.  Over the centuries ceramic tile has been used to decorate churches and king’s palaces; today it is commonly found in our kitchens, bathrooms, on countertops, showers, and floors.

Ceramic Tile, glazed and baked

Quick facts about Ceramic Tile:

  • Ceramic Tile is glazed and therefore not porous.
  • Ceramic Tile’s glaze can have a matte finish or a high-gloss finish
  • Ceramic Tile’s glaze is a glass material that is melted onto the tile’s surface.  The glaze provides moisture resistance, color and texture!


Overlay Flooring is often referred to as Concrete Overlays.  Many American homes over the last century were built with concrete slab floor. This kind of sub-flooring is/was particularly popular in environments that did not require basements or cellars. The concrete slab is poured to four inches thick and would serve as the sub-surface for the finished floor, like vinyl, tile, wood or carpet.  In recent years homeowners have learned about the desirability of finishing their concrete floors with acid-stain, paint, or overlays.

Overlay Floor

Quick facts about Overlay Flooring:

  • Overlay flooring is a topping or skim coat of concrete that is poured over existing concrete floors
  • Overlay flooring can be paper thin or several inches thick
  • Overlay flooring can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Overly flooring is self-leveling
  • Overlay flooring can be dyed, stained, or saw-cut, adding designs and effects
  • Overlay flooring must be maintained properly


Brick Pavers are bricks which are made of ceramic material, clay. Bricks date back over 10,000 years and have traditionally been used for constructing buildings, homes, fireplaces, roads, walkways, patios, and flooring.

Quick facts about Brick Pavers:

  • Brick Pavers made of ceramic material (clay)

    Brick Pavers should not be confused with concrete blocks
  • Brick Pavers range in color from pink, white, yellow and red hues
  • Brick Pavers can last a lifetime as they do not include added pigments or dyes
  • Brick Pavers are absorbent so if they are used indoors, like in a kitchen, they should be sealed to protect from grease, water, and common spills.

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