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Hard Surface Floor – Wall - Counter Cleaning and Sealing


Sun Valley Floor Specialists are experts at cleaning and sealing hard surface flooring, such as Saltillo, flagstone, brick pavers, travertine, finished concrete.  When you call us for your free estimate we will examine the flooring/wall/counter surface and determine if the surface will need to be stripped, that is removing old sealant, wax, etc. The cleaning and sealing process is done as follows:

  • Remove all furniture from the room or area
  • Tape off any woodwork, such as baseboard and protect painted walls from cleaning process
  • Remove all excess loose dirt
  • Strip prior wax or sealant if needed
  • Wash floor
  • Allow floor to dry thoroughly
  • Apply appropriate number of sealant coats
Bare Concrete Before

After Bare Concrete Stained After

Concrete Floors – Everything old is NEW again


Bare concrete floors can be done with concrete stain and look like a totally different floor.

First if we are removing an old carpet we have to prep the floor before the stain, so:

  • we remove all tack strips from the carpet
  •  we strip off  the residual  glue
  •  we patch all cracks and holes
  • we create some samples for your floor according to your needs

Colors of any combination you have in mind or matching up something, and then we seal your floor with matte or high gloss finish as you wish.


Slate Tile and Brick Pavers

Slate Tile
Overlay Floor

Red Brick Pavers
Overlay Floor

Slate Tile is a natural green, orange, grey, black color stone all in a single piece that looks very elegant on floors or showers; this natural stone can be sealed with water base or oil base sealer. The critical difference between these two sealers is that water base sealer is clear finish, and oil base sealer makes your floor a little bit dark. 

Red Brick Pavers  are very nice for indoor or outdoor floors. Indoor brick pavers can be sealed with water base or an oil base sealer. For outdoor brick pavers there are two sealer types:

  • the water proof for a natural look
  • the weather resistant wet looking that protects against rain and UV rays 

Slate tile and brick pavers can be refinished over the years by doing a wash and reseal or by stripping off the sealer and resealing with the proper finish.



Garage Floors – Epoxy Paint


Epoxy Garage After

Do you have black tires marks on your garage floor?


Do you have engine oil spots on your garage floor? Consider refinishing your garage floor with Epoxy paint. It is the best solution for garage floors, because you can avoid those black tire marks and any liquids spilled on the garage floor will not leave stains, including engine oil. Epoxy paint comes in many different colors. This is a two coat process using industrial material that is very resistant and shiny ready to protect your garage floors from anything!


“Epoxy not only tops off the pro look but also resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes clean like a kitchen counter. Color chips and custom paint colors hide annoying imperfections in the concrete, and antiskid additives give you the grip you need on a snowy day.”  …This Old House



Grout Stain Servicing


Grout Before
Grout Stained

Grout After
Grout Cleaned

Many times floor or counter top grout can become stained or dirty. Refreshing grout is one of our specialty services.


The first thing we do is to determine if the grout joints are sealed or not; then we check if the stains and dirt are on top of the sealer or embedded in the porosity of the grout.  Then we clean wash the grout with strong chemicals and wait for drying process. Once the grout is clean, we seal and protect this area from future stains.


However, if the  grout  is extremely damaged, stained or discolored, we can  use a color grout stain to make the joints look new again. In this process,  we are sealing and stain coloring your grout to give the existing floor a new look and appearance. These materials can be ceramic tile floors  or  even natural porous floors. (Note:  if you have previously replaced one tile and you don't remember the color grout, we will look for the matching stain color. This is one of our specialty areas and our southern Arizona floor technicians can best determine the correct and most affordable way to proceed with this floor maintenance project.

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